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Restroom Cleaners / Air Sanitizers & Dispensers

                                                         HN 1

                  A             B             C           D             E               F            G          Restroom Cleaners / Air Sanitizers & Dispenser

             A   COMPLETE NON-ACID TOILET BOWL CLEANER         E  SURE - Super absorbent deodorizer specifically
             Our all in one bathroom and toilet disinfectant. Kills most surface  formulated to absorb, solidify and deodorize potentially
             germs including HIV, staphylococcus aureus (staph), salmonella  hazardous liquids. Absorbs 80-100 times its weight. 8 oz.
             choleraesuis (salmonella) as well as many other germs and  absorbs over 5 gallons of liquid. Can be disposed of easily.
             bacteria. Concentrated for added savings.        Non-toxic and biodegradable. .5 lb. canister.
             Product#  Description           1          2+    Product#  Description           1          2+
             CHE092   12 quarts/case       $105.95     $95.35  CHE256  12/case              $170.95    $161.95
                                                               F  BACTAZYME DRAIN CLEANER & MAINTAINER
                DRAIN LINE MAINTAINER & OPENER                Superior bioenzymatic formula actually digests grease, fats &
             Cleans and maintains by attacking the key sources of stopped  odor causing bacteria. Keep your drains clear & odor free.  Non-
             or slow moving drains. Actually dissolves hair, grease and other  toxic, biodegradable, pleasant scent. Excellent for use in
             drain clogging matter. Clear’s crystal formulation prevents  dumpsters,restrooms, lockers, sewage treatment, garbage
             leaks, spills and splashing hazards as with normal drain  trucks, restaurantand hospitality applications, great for grease
             cleaners. Easy to store. Clear’s crystals penetrate through  traps as well as many other environments.
             water getting straight to the clog. 1 lb. canisters.  Product#  Description           Price/gallon
             Product#  Description           1          2+    ZAC061    4/1 gallon                     $40.95
             CHE014   12/case              $177.95    $160.15  ZAC199    20 gallon                     $39.95
                                                              ZAC200    30 gallon                      $38.95
             C   CLING SUPER STRENGTH TOILET BOWL CLEANER     ZAC198    55 gallon                      $37.95
             Thick, “clinging action” ready to use formula, removes even the   G
             toughest stains for a fast scrub-free clean. Works on hard to  AIR SANITIZER AND DISPENSER
             clean mineral deposits. Thick foaming acid-free disinfectant  • EPA Registered • Reduces airborne bacteria making the air
             cleaner, Cling is bactericidal and virucidal. Kills many germs,  you breath healthier and cleaner • One refill will cover 6,000
             bacteria and viruses, including HIV1 (AIDS Virus). Also works as  cubic feet for 30 days, 24 hours a day when set at 15 minute
             a mildewstat to inhibit mildew growth.           intervals
             Product#  Description           1          2+    • Lockable, tamper-resistant dispenser • LED battery and refill
                                                              replacement reminder
             CHE096   12 quarts            $139.95    $125.95
                                                              Product#      Description       1          2+
             D  PREVENT BROAD                       HN 1      DAB079        12 cans/case    $139.95    $125.95
                SPECTRUM GERMICIDAL DISINFECTANT    DEFENSE   TMS 1047717   Dispenser - each            $46.95

             Extremely effective aerosol surface disinfectant and deodorant.
             Hospital grade broad spectrum antimicrobial, fungicidal &
             virucidal product. Kills HIV1 (AIDS Virus), herpes simplex virus        Our Prevent Spray
             type 1 & 2, Influenza A2 on hard, non-porous surfaces. 15 oz.  DID you  Disinfectant is both
             can.                                                                       Hospital Grade and
             Product#  Description           1          2+          know?
             CHE088   12/case              $147.95    $133.15                         Commercial/Industrial
                                                                                              value priced.
              HN 1  DENOTES ARMCHEM H1N1 DEFENSE PRODUCT                              9
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