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owelettes / Wipers
          Moist Towelettes / Wipers

                                                          Armchem Wipes /Merfin Mates are
                                                          available in three formats. A towelette for
                                                          cleaning surfaces such as counter tops,
                                                          telephones, fitness equipment and many other
                                                          surfaces. A personal care towelettes designed
                                                          for daycares, schools and healthcare. Also
                                                          available as a hand sanitizing wipe. The
                                                          commercial sized packaging and revolutionary
                                       B                  dispensing system delivers a cost effective
                                                          solution to our changing environment.
                                                          MRF1002MM DISPENSER
                                                          Moist towelette dispenser for use with MER9200, 9300, 9400.
                                                          *Exclusive lifetime replacement warranty.
                                                          MRF1002MM        Dispenser           each *$35.00
      Moist T                                             washcloths pre-moistened with a natural unscented formula. Each
                                                          MER9300 PERSONAL CARE TOWELETTES Thick, strong

                                                          towelette contains Vitamin E and Aloe making it gentle on even the
                                                          most sensitive skin. The towelettes are dispensed one-at-a-time
                                                          through our MRF1002MM  Dispenser. Alcohol FREE. Fragrance
                                                          FREE. Sensitive Skin Formulation. 500 towelettes per roll.
                                                          MER9300 Personal Care Wipes  2 rolls/case $80.95  $72.75

                                                                                          Use in:
                                                                                          • DAYCARES
                                                                                          • SCHOOLS
             C                Quality Logo Napkins                                        • NURSING HOMES
                                                                                          • AFTER CARE
                                                                                          • COUNTRY CLUBS
              TOUCH OF LINEN™                             HAND SANITIZING & HARD SURFACE
              NAPKINS AND GUEST TOWELS                    TOWELETTES
           High quality airlaid napkins from Armchem, Touch of  Pre-moistened with a natural unscented 9400-Surface Wipes
           Linen™. Custom imprints, low minimums. Use in  formula. The alcohol free towelettes dispense one-at-a-time with
           restrooms, dining rooms, catering and banquets, locker  #1002MM Dispenser. Alcohol FREE. Fragrance FREE. 450
           rooms and much more.                           towelettes per roll.                  1    2+
           View full line at         MER9400 Surface Wipes     2 rolls/case  $99.95 $89.95
           06326  White Logo Guest Towel 12"x17" 10 case min.  MER9200 Hand Sanitizing Wipes 2 rolls/case  $92.95 $83.65
                 1/6 fold  1000ct        10-19   20+
                 1 color - no set-up    $129.95  $116.95
                 2 colors - no set-up   $131.95  $121.45
           06126  White Guest Towel 12"x17"                                       Surface & Hand
                 1/6 fold  1000ct       $115.95  $104.35
           06160  Flat Sheet  17"x17" 500ct  $71.95  $64.75                       Sanitizing Wipes
           BAND  Napkin Bands - Red, Blue, Green
                 Specify Color - Logos Available                                  perfect for use in:
                      (not shown) 20,000ct    $250.00
            C  BEVERAGE NAPKINS                                                   • FITNESS CENTERS
           3000 per case - minimum 24 cases                                       • DOCTORS’ OFFICES
           06304  1 color per case 3000  $174.00
           06304  2 color per case 3000  $180.42                                  • HOSPITALS
           06104  Blank per case 3000  $165.00 no minimum
                                                                                  • SCHOOLS
           Custom orders require 3 weeks lead time from artwork approval.
           Please send your logos to and we will email
           you a digital proof for approval.  Signed orders must accompany        • SPAS
           request for proofs.  EPS or vector files are preferred however we
           can work with any type of file, additional artwork charges may         • GYMS
           apply.  Metallic inks are available.
                         1-888-276-2436                    Qualifies for our Dispensers on Loan Program.

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