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Germ Fighters

                                                          GermAway MRSA Killing Fogger
                                                          Armchem’s  GermAway  M.R.S.A.  Killing  Fogger  is  an
                                                          E.P.A.  disinfectant,  antimicrobial  agent  and  two-way
                                                          deodorizer  for  use  on  pre-cleaned,  hard,  non-porous
                                                          surfaces. GermAway’s total release Fogger is a virucidal,  Germ Fighters
                                                          tuberculocidal,   fungicidal,   bactericidal,
                                                          Pseudomonacidal,  Staphylocidal  broad  spectrum
                                                          disinfectant  and  antimicrobial  agent.  Germaway  is
                                                          certified against all type “A” viruses including the H1N1
                                                          strain of influenza. Commonly known as “Swine Flu”.
                                                          Product#  Description       1         2+
                                                          QUE001    12 / 16oz cans  $117.95  $106.15

                                                          GermAway MRSA Killing Wipes
                                                          Armchem’s GermAway M.R.S.A. Killing WIPES is a E.P.A.
                                                          non-woven disposable cloth containing a stable, low pH
                                                          formulated  disinfectant  and  deodorant  for  use  on  hard,
                                                          non-porous  surfaces.  GermAway  Wipes  are  certified
                                                          against all type “A” viruses including the H1N1 strain of
                                                          influenza. Commonly known as “Swine Flu”.
                                                          Product#  Description       1         2+
                                                          QUE002    6 Tubs / 180 Wipes each $147.95  $133.15
        Armchem’s InstantFoam Deluxe
        70% alcohol-based foam hand sanitizer; perfume and
        dye free. Use to kill 99.99% of many common germs in                       DAYCARES
        just  15  seconds.  Formulated  for  one  dose    GermAway Sanitizer
        application  with  1500  (1  Liter)  doses  per   Armchem’s  GermAway  Sanitizer  is  an  instant,  multi-
        cartridge.  Use  inside  the  washroom  to        purpose  disinfectant,  sanitizer,  and  deodorant.  Spray  &
        complement  hand  washing,  or  outside           Wipe  is  designed  primarily  for  Day  Care  Centers  and
        washroom at the work-point or on the move. Ideal  Nursing  homes  requiring  a  no-rinse  sanitizer  in  contact
        for food manufacturing, foodservice and healthcare.  applications.  Eliminates  99.999%  of  the  most  bacteria
                                                          when used according to directions. Germaway Sanitizer is
                                                          excellent  for  sanitizing  food  processing  equipment,  dairy
        Germstar Dispensers & Stands                      equipment, food utensils, dishes, silverware, glasses, sink
        Product#  Description              1     2+       tops,  countertops,  refrigerated  storage  and  display
        GMS016   Dispenser (Blue)        $56.45  $51.45
        GMS001   Dispenser (Black)       $56.45  $51.45   equipment.  Germaway Sanitizer Replaces Bleach
        GMS010   Desk Stand (Stand Only)  $41.95          Product#roduct#  Description  1         2+
        80121BK  Floor Stand (Stand Only)     $165.95     QUE006   12/32 oz bottles/case  $99.95  $89.95

        Germstar Refills
        Product#  Description              1     2+
        GMS005   Mini Refill Pack (2 Refills)  $95.95  $86.35
        GMS006   Mega Refill Pack (6 Refills)  $213.95  $192.95

        Germstar Starter Kits
        Product#  Description              1     2+
        GMS007   Germstar Starter Kit   $269.95
                 - (1) Floor Stand, (1) Sign,
                 (2) Refills, (1) Dispenser
        GMS008   Germstar Desk Starter Kit  $193.95
                 - (1) Desk Stand, (2) Refills,
                 (1) Dispenser
        Germstar Bottles
        Product#  Description              1     2+
        GMS011   6/16 oz pump bottles/case  $118.95 $107.95
        GMS013   25/2 oz bottles/case    $72.95  $65.95

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